How We Work

How We WorkRMA works with clients to develop and execute plans that fit the community, organization and stakeholders. Our initial task is to meet with the client and constituencies through meetings and forums. This helps frame needs and priorities. We develop a working knowledge of relationships or commitments, issues to be resolved, and agreements that may be necessary. We follow with client-approved tasks designed to move a project or program forward.

We can use a clients own process and approach, or offer options and process changes based on our experience. For capital projects, we often refer to a “planning framework” for developing and managing programs, from initial concept through development or implementation.

Planning FrameworkWe understand that projects and initiatives may already be underway, but more help is needed to get things done. A plan may be in place, but a program is not defined or funded to take it forward. Permitting may be particularly complex and significant, requiring coordination among multiple local, state and federal agencies. There may not be consensus on which projects should move forward and how. These are the types of challenges that RMA professionals have experience with and can help resolve.